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Who We Are

Super Dope Hair exists, simply put, to publicly honor and celebrate the inherent beauty and glamour of Black Women. In a broader sense, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for the nationwide acceptance of what we all know to be true;

Black Women are THE moment.


We continue to evolve in our foundational belief that promoting self-acceptance and confidence is at the core of Black womanhood.  Our products and services are designed to meet our "Homegirls" at the intersection of traditional African braiding salons, and quick service salons (like Sports Clips), found in the States and abroad. Our radical empathy, thorough service training, and extensive product knowledge encourage a familiarity that is nostalgic, and dare we say, Sisterly. Although society (read: yt media) attempts dictate the standards of beauty, Super Dope Hair strives to create a sacred space for Black women to be unapologetically themselves while optimizing the time clients spend on their daily beauty routines. Super Dope Hair's vision is to empower women through  beauty,  and provide service for  Good Hair, Above All.

Our Team

@SuperDopeKarmen, Chief Stylist

Karmen Fairley is an Atlanta native, entrepreneur, and hair stylist specializing in “mindful, protective styling and natural hair care”. Super Dope Hair Studio was developed as Fairley’s answer to the detrimental effects of uninformed, or poorly executed, protective style installations (e.g., braids and weaves). While she has been working as a beautician since 2015, her brand continues to evolve to better encapsulate her foundational belief in promoting self-acceptance and confidence as it pertains to Black womanhood. At the heart of her work is the aim to shave time from clients’ daily beauty routines; and to provide education and resources for the sustained enhancement of their natural hair. Super Dope Hair strives for the empowerment of women and the provision of service for Good Hair, Above All. And that's on Mary had a little lamb. 😉

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