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The Super Dope Hair Experience

I arrived just as the sun started to set, 15 minutes before my appointment start time. The parking lot was unpaved, & covered in gravel and Popeye's debris. "Luckily my car is dirty", I thought. I'd be less than happy if I'd paid that gross SUV detailing fee, only for Apollonia to end up covered in rock dust and chicken thigh grease - at a hair appointment of all things. Anyway, the stylist arrived 20 minutes after the start time. And like many of us do, I let it go. After all, I knew I wasn't going to leave. I mean, If I did forgo the appointment because she didn't inform me that she'd be late until she was already late, what was the alternative??


So I forgave her.

We walked into the space together, and I was promptly inundated by the electric whimpering of Nayvadius Wilburn, also known as Future. The air was peppered with the odor of seared tresses and the scent of THC flowers. Immediately no. I knew this wasn't the place for me. I had to leave. But I couldn't. Therein lies the problem. Black Women's hair has a certain sense of urgency and importance that sometimes won't allow us to leave uncomfortable situations because there's no easy or guaranteed alternative. Heaven forbid you have to explain your failed twist-out to Hannah. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Super Dope Hair has one luxury salon suite in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. We can't fix all the Black beauty industry issues at one time from one spot. But here's what we can do. We can hold ourselves accountable. We can listen to your needs and desires. We can respect your time and show that we appreciate your decision to choose us. This subject is so close to my heart because the entire reason that Super Dope Hair exists, is to provide fun and seamless beauty experiences for Black Women and their hair.

We've all heard the unflattering and sometimes downright disrespectful conversation regarding Black Hair salons and frankly, I'm sick of it. We MUST treat each other like the amazing humans that we are and it starts right here.

Our Promise To You

Our schedule and prices are accurate and will not change unless you add or remove a service.

We will be kind, personable, respectful, ensuring a super fun and relaxing experience.

We will listen to your needs and respect your desires.

I'll treat you like my Homegirl, because from the moment you choose Super Dope Hair, that's what you are!


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