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#Respect Your Edges

Respect your edges. Protect your edges.

Y'all know the old saying, “If you love it, let it go. If it’s meant to be, it’ll come back around.” Well, your edges don’t work like that. Some of us call the tender tendrils framing our faces baby hairs. Others call them edges. No matter the name, they deserve only a gentle touch and eternal protection from harm.

By now you should know that the edges of your hairline are more susceptible to damage from heat, tension, and product misuse than the rest of your hair.

The factors listed above are among the most common causes of edge loss. Keep reading to learn the easiest ways to preserve your edges while wearing protective styles like braids, twists, sew-ins, and faux locs.

Too Tight Ain’t Right

Be careful not to tie turbans & scarves too tight. This includes your puff, beloved. Too tight is when the outer portions of your hairline that frame your face are pulled excessively causing bumps; or worse, pulling the root of your hair from your scalp. This is evident when those white specks are visible at the beginning of your hairline.

Hear no , see no ,speak no...relaxer

Just the tip she says (insert eye roll). We all know how that story ends. I fully understand that managing a brazilian straight weave while your natural curls do the stanky leg all the way across the front of your head is...well, tragic. But there are better ways to maintain this style. Try installing bundles with a texture closer to that of your own. 🤷🏾‍♀️ (Dont @ me) This will help decrease the manic levels of heat and styling products required to make your hair meet your impossible demands. There, I said it.

Stimulate Your Hair follicles

Using oils like Black Castor Oil and eucalyptus, massage the area around your temples at least once daily. A better solution? Skip homemade remedies and pick up our peppermint potion in the salon! Vibrating scalp massagers are also a great way to increase blood flow and therefore hair growth.

The above listed methods are ways to easily maintain any style without becoming edgeless. Questions? Ask them in the comments. Leave your opinions too!!


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