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The Only Transitioning Advice You'll Ever Need

In the year 2022, at these big ages, global industries have finally begun to publicly recognize Black Women as THE moment. Sure, a lot of the acknowledgement is patronizing and steeped in fetishism and patriarchy; but representation still matters to our children. Black children need to see reflections of themselves in media to help them realize the breadth of their true potential. But I digress. The #FFFFFFs pattern themselves after us in every way imaginable. But there isn't a boxer braid in Calabasas that can even come close to the sheer magic of our natural tresses.

Along with embracing this divine beauty, we must also face facts. Going natural is tough. It's time consuming and it can be expensive if you don't immediately find the right product mix. If you're late to the natural hair revolution, starting over, or recovering from heat damage; keep reading for the best advice on how to keep your sanity while discovering your curl pattern.

Be Patient.

One of the most common concerns that I hear from transitioning clients, or those considering transitioning, is that they can't wait!

“How long will it take?”, they say.

“When will I see my curl pattern?”

Do you want the truth? I 👏🏾 don't 👏🏾 know 👏🏾 Homegirl! And neither does anyone else right off hand. We can estimate, but the only way to accurately tell how fast your hair will grow is by having the professionals at Super Dope Hair measure your hair growth to determine its current rate on a consistent basis, along with bi-monthly scalp evaluations. These processes will be time consuming and costly, still absent of absolute answers. My advice? Take a chill pill. 🤣 Wear braids, or another protective style. Wait for it.

Our studio averages almost 1k clients and styles per year. Very often, women come into the studio dripping coconut oil, with ragged ends & traction alopecia from improperly installed protective styles. Most times their reasoning is for this is from YouTubers & bloggers doling out inaccurate info on Lil' Boosie's internet. Consider this; if you're not a professional hairstylist, most of your experience will come from working with ONE hair type; your own. There's never only one way to do things, & limited experience leads to misinformation. I'm so proud of the many Black Women that have found a way to forge their own careers in this age of digital technology. However, let us remember that many, if not most bloggers are not hairstylists; professional or otherwise. As such, I recommend gathering information from multiple reputable sources. My advice? Find a stylist in your area. Research them thoroughly. Book with them. Ask a ton of questions. Follow directions.

Learn What Works

Many of you are product-mongers. No shade, so am I! However, if you're aiming at complete success, refer to the above message. Take it slow! All hair requires hydration and follicle stimulation to maximize growth. Focus on natural styles and products to promote those effects. Save your time. Save your money. You'll quite possible save your sanity too!


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